HI! I'm Andrew Pearson

I recently earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with honors from the University of Houston. I was awarded the 2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship for original research that studied the link between smartphone addiction and “flow”, or immersion, in everyday life.

While researching for my honors thesis, I realized just how much my own smartphone addiction had attenuated my ability to concentrate. That's also when I came across an idea for a social intervention app that had been shown to reduce smartphone addiction. To my surprise, there was nothing like it on the market. I decided it needed to happen. That's how SwitchKick was born.

Or conceived. It's not born yet.

In addition to currently working as a Research Assistant at UT Health, I moonlight as a combat sports writer for MMAMania.com. That might explain where the name "SwitchKick" came from.